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Why linen is the best fabric for summer

Summer and linen go together perfectly. Linen’s natural look and temperature regulating qualities make it the perfect fabric for those hot summer days.

Linen is a natural product with special properties and is known as an environmentally friendly fabric. This is partly because nothing is wasted in the production process. Linen is made from the flax plant and all parts of the flax plant have a purpose: the seeds of the plant are used to make linseed and linseed oil and the by-products of linen production are converted into fibreboard. Also, the flax plant does not need any chemicals to grow and also grows in subpar soil.

One of the most unique properties of linen is the way it regulates heat. In warm weather, the fabric breathes and even cools the air between the fabric and the body. When it is cold, the fabric retains heat.

Linen bed sheets

Linen’s has great temperature regulating qualities, which makes it the perfect fabric for your bed sheets. Linen has a natural PH value, so it doesn’t irritate the skin and it absorbs 20% of its own weight in water before it feels wet to the touch.

A linen tablecloth

Linen is dust repellent and dirt repellent, which is why a linen tablecloth is ideal for covering a summer table. A beautiful linen tablecloth instantly creates a luxurious and natural look and the fabric is perfect for creating a rustic table at a summer party or other gathering.

Linen curtains

Because of its durability, linen is ideal for curtains. Linen curtains give your room an airy and natural look which is just perfect for summer.