White is by far the most commonly used colour for the interior. And with the rise of minimalism as a design trend, the colour has only gained more popularity over the last few years.

But why exactly is white so popular? To be fair: white isn’t actually a real colour, because it reflects all the visible wavelengths of light. This makes a room look more spacious and is one of the main reasons why white is so popular. Besides that, white is also associated with cleanliness, which of course isn’t a bad thing if you want your home to look clean and pristine.

Which spaces in your home are most suited to white?

Because white makes any room feel more spacious, it’s a great colour to use in small rooms. White is also great for any space that doesn’t get a lot of natural light as it will make any dark room feel bigger and more inviting. In sanitary areas such as your toilet or your bathroom, white is the perfect choice because of its association with hygiene.

For examples of a tasteful white interior you can check out project DSTRCT

How to combine white

White is one of the easiest colours to combine with other colours. When it comes to white, it’s more of a challenge to make sure your room doesn’t look too sterile. So: how do you give a white room some character?

Other neutral colours

If you’re into a minimalistic interior, you can easily combine white with other neutral colours like cream, taupe, grey or black for an understated, no-nonsense look. If this is your prefered colour palette, just make sure your whites have a warm undertone to avoid the room looking too clinical.

Natural materials

Natural materials provide a sense of warmth in every home and that is no different when it comes to a white interior. Materials such as linen, wool, rattan and wood look beautiful in a white interior and give a white room just that little bit of warmth it needs.

An accent colour

A white interior is the perfect base for playing around with accent colours. You can choose one accent colour, or a variation of shades in a particular colour. For example, white combined with different shades of pink and red looks stunning, or you can go for a natural palette with different shades of brown.

Boho accents

White walls are a great blank canvas for a boho interior. By keeping the base of your interior white, you can play with all kinds of boho accents without risking the room feeling too cluttered. For a boho look, consider a colourful carpet, a selection of plants, linen curtains in a warm color and coloured pillowcases on your couch.

Stoffen doeken op een witte stoel
White interior
White interior
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