The heading style of your curtains greatly influences the way your linen curtains will eventually look in your home. In this blog we’ll list all the different options when it comes to pleats.

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1. Single pleat

The most common pleat is the single pleat. This pleat is often used with linen curtains or lined curtains. The main advantage of this pleat is that it requires a lot less fabric than most other pleats, which means your curtains will simply be less expensive. Another benefit of needing less fabric is that your curtains won’t bunch up on the side of the window when you open them.

A single pleat is ideal for our linen fabrics, because we feel they don’t need more pleats for a beautiful drape.

2. Double pleat

A double pleat will provide a more luxurious look than a single pleat. This pleat has a double fold which resembles a butterfly and is also referred to as a butterfly pleat. The wavy effect of this pleat remains visible even with longer curtains.

We don’t recommend this pleat for heavier fabrics because it makes the fabric a little stiff and your curtains will bunch up at the sides when opened. A double pleat also requires more fabric than a single pleat.

3. Triple pleat

A triple pleat creates an even fuller effect than a double pleat and will give your curtains a very luxurious look. This pleat requires more fabric than the single and double pleat and is only suitable for lighter curtains and inbetweens.

4. Curtain rings

Technically not a pleat, but a popular option when it comes to hanging curtains. Curtain rings can be used with all fabrics and give your curtains a robust look and a nice, steady wave. It’s best not to use them in a room that you want to darken completely, because some light will always come through the space between the rings and the curtain rod.

5. Wave curtains

Wave curtains are attached to waverunners at the bottom of a rail. Waverunners are evenly spaced, creating perfectly deep waves and a sleek and modern look. This pleat is suitable for all types of fabrics, from light to heavy and they’re a great option for floor-to-ceiling curtains. Wave curtains are less suitable for rooms you want to darken completely because of the gaps between the pleats.

Do you need help in deciding which pleat is best for your curtains? Make an appointment with us in our showroom, online, or let us come to your home to measure and hang your curtains!

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