Turn your own bathroom into a spa experience

Published On: 15th February 2021

Your bathroom is the perfect place for you to unwind and to pamper yourself. With just a few little adjustments, you can turn your own bathroom into a luxurious spa.

Luxe slaapkamer met ensuite badkamer

Bedroom with an ensuite bathroom at DSTRCT, With lined Manhattan curtains.


Start with decluttering your bathroom. Your bathroom will get an instant boost by just throwing out all your empty and unused products. Go through all your products and check: is it expired? Do I use it? Place the smaller things in a medicine cabinet and place the bigger things in little baskets. You’ll be surprised at how much better your bathroom will look!

Badkamer met een linnen douchegordijn - La Saracina

Natural elements

Spas are always full of natural elements like wood, stone, bamboo and linen. You can apply this look to your own bathroom by placing a wooden or bamboo mat on your bathroom floor, or by opting for stone bathroom accessories like a stone soap dispenser and toothbrush holder. You can also replace your plastic shower curtain with a beautiful linen shower curtain. Plants are also great addition to your bathroom. Just make sure to choose plants that can deal with the humidity and minimal natural light.

Luxury towels

Luxurious towels are essential for a true spa experience. We are accustomed to cotton towels, but linen towels are a great alternative. Why? Linen absorbs moisture very well and is antimicrobial, which will keep your towels looking and smelling fresh. The natural look of linen also adds to the spa experience.

Moderne badkamer met betonciré muren en linnen gordijnen

Stimulate the senses

Stimulate all your senses for a true spa experience. Provide your bathroom with good lighting by placing candles around your bath and use scrumptious scented bath products. You can also go all the way and play relaxing music in your bathroom with a bluetooth speaker.