A picnic is one of our favourite activities in the summer. A pretty picnic blanket, delicious food and a chilled drink is all you need for a lovely picnic. But what are the essentials for a successful picnic?

Plates & trays

Whoever thinks a picnic equals a large amount of plastic: think again! For an environmentally friendly picnic, invest in a few enamel plates. They might cost you a little more, but you can reuse these plates for the rest of your life for picnics, camping or setting a summer table in your own garden or balcony.

You can also get creative with the trays you use to transport your food. For small bites or salads, you can use glass jars. You can also reuse plastic containers, like old ice cream or yoghurt containers.

Food and drink

So what do you bring to a picnic? When it comes to food and drink there are a few things to consider:

  • Bring food that is easy to eat. Food that leaks or gets sticky is not very appropriate for a picnic
  • Choose dishes that don’t go off or melt when they get too warm
  • Make sure you can keep your food and your drinks cool. Bring a cool box for your food and a wine cooler for your drinks.

Dishes that are perfect for a picnic: sandwiches, (pasta) salads, quiches, muffins, fruit salads, wraps and baguettes with dips.


Good food is not the only thing that’s important on a picnic. Comfort is also key! Make sure to bring a picnic blanket that’s big enough for everyone to sit on. A linen blanket is perfect because it’s lightweight. Don’t forget to bring a few weights to put on the corners of your blanket so the wind won’t ruin your picnic.

A few cushions look nice and provide some extra comfort. Linen napkins give your picnic a luxurious touch and are handy in case someone accidentally spills something.

Cleaning up

When having a picnic, always make sure you leave things how you found them. So take some garbage bags or old plastic bags with you so you don’t have to leave anything behind!

Vrouw met picknick mand in een veld
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