As we all know, 2020 has been a pretty eventful year. It’s been a year where we’ve spent a lot of time in our homes, a year where the desire for comfort and security has grown and a year where we have become even more aware of our impact on the environment. What happens in the world will eventually always be reflected in interior design trends, so how will we see these trends in our homes?


Because we’ve been spending more time in our homes and what we can do outside of our homes has been limited, our appreciation for nature has grown in 2020. This means we want to bring nature into our homes more than ever before. This is nothing new, as this trend has been on the rise for a while, but instead of just using natural materials, this year we will also draw inspiration from nature’s colours.

The colour of the year – Brave Ground – is a very neutral, natural colour that reminds us of the colour of the beach. This neutral colour combines beautifully with other colours that we see in nature, like green, brown, grey and blue. Dark blue is a colour that really stands out. A dark blue wall or dark blue curtains give a room a luxurious and mysterious look and that natural feel that we’re craving this year.


Another interesting trend is the trend of expressivity. This trend is somewhat opposed to the natural trend and you could compare it with a minimalist and a maximalist interior. Expressivity is about showing who you are and not being afraid of making choices that might be a bit different than usual. The colours that suit this trend are warm, bold colours such as pink and red.

In terms of furniture, you could go for a bold statement piece. One statement piece in your home can be enough to give your entire interior a fresh new look.


The awareness of our impact on the earth continues to grow and that is also reflected in this interior trend. Timelessness is about durable products in colours and materials that will last for years and will remain beautiful. Craftsmanship is also an important part of this trend. We want to know: who actually makes our products? We’re becoming more interested in furniture that is made with attention to the product and with attention to nature.

The colours that suit this trend are neutral, so you can keep playing with accents in different colours over the years without having to change your entire interior.


Sustainability is a trend that – fortunately – will remain very current in 2021. In recent years, sustainability has focused a lot on using second-hand products. But in 2021, sustainability will also play an increasingly important role in design. This means modern design using bioplastic, recycled materials and products that are produced sustainably.

Linen is produced sustainably, so if you find it important to make sustainable choices in your interior, linen curtains are a great option for you.

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