The value of traditions

December is a month of traditions. But what exactly are traditions and why do we find them so important? Traditions give meaning to our holidays. They also give us a sense of familiarity and they make us feel connected to our loved ones. The word tradition comes from the Latin word tradere, which means passing on, handing over and giving for safekeeping. Traditions make us feel connected with each other and connected to our past.

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Although Christmas is a Christian tradition, these days the time around Christmas can represent a feeling of pausing and honoring our loved ones for everyone. Christmas in itself has many well known traditions, such as the Christmas tree, Christmas lights, giving each other presents and singing carols. Some traditions are passed on from generation to generation, but you can always create new traditions with your friends or family. Would you like to spend your Christmas in a meaningful way and possibly create a new tradition? Here are some suggestions:

Sending out Christmas cards

Sending out Christmas cards is an old tradition that feels a little outdated. We associate it with sending out meaningless cards to everyone we know, but we can also see it as an opportunity to write heartfelt messages to the handful of people that are really close to us.

Making mulled wine

Mulled wine is