The interior design trends of 2020

October is the month of interior design, which means it’s time for another trend report. In this blog we will tell you all about the most interesting trends that we are expecting see in 2020.

Trends of 2020

In 2019, the biggest trend we saw was a shift to a more conscious way of living. This trend is still going strong in 2020 and has expanded to an awareness of the purpose of our lives, living a more calm and conscious life and connecting with ourselves. We are craving an interior that enables us to express ourselves and to connect with ourselves and with nature. We want to feel more calm, we want to feel connected and we want to feel protected. And also – we want to make more space to play and express ourselves creatively.


Kids play everyday, but adults rarely seem to have time to play. And that’s a shame! Because play is good for us. Play releases endorphins, stimulates the brain and promotes creativity. To stimulate play in your home you can opt for primary colours, interesting shapes and textures that are tempting to touch and play with.


Just like in 2019, we are still wanting to feel closer to nature and design our homes in a way that enables us to feel closer to nature. Next year, this trend translates into robust and natural fabrics like leather, hemp and linen. The colours that we see in this trend are colours that come straight out of our surroundings. Think autumn with colours like orange, brown, green and beige.



With our busy lives we want to create a home that makes us feel safe and protected. A warm colour palette with fabrics that are soft to the touch will do just that. Think of a sofa with an abundance of pillows and a lounge chair with multiple blankets. Materials that fit this trend are wood and metal combined with soft fabrics.


Minimalism is a trend that is still evolving. We are starting to realise that an home without clutter is good for our wellbeing. A minimalistic interior boosts our inner calmness and our creativity. Who doesn’t want that? The colours that fit into this trend are sober, with grey and dark colours combined with natural materials like linen and wood.

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