It’s easy to make a mistake when you’re decorating a room. You buy a piece of furniture and you’re convinced that it’s a perfect fit for your interior. But when you take it home, something just doesn’t feel right. But what is it? We have listed the five most common mistakes when decorating a room so that you can create the perfect room with ease.

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Looking for inspiration? Check out Project Bergen designed by Interior Cowboys.

Mistake 1: Matching your furniture

When you furnish a room, it makes sense to look for furniture that goes well together. But there is a pitfall here! If you only go for furniture that exactly matches each other, the room will end up looking a bit boring and standard. To make your room look more interesting, opt for furniture that looks good together but isn’t too matchy-matchy.

In order to make everything look cohesive, make sure that the fabrics of your furniture go well together. They don’t have to be the same: a leather sofa combines wonderfully with a linen armchair. And of course – don’t forget to properly match the colours of your furniture!

Mistake 2. Placing all furniture against the wall

When you have a small room it might be unavoidable, but if you’re blessed with a larger room it might be a good idea to not place all your furniture directly against the wall. When you do this, you’re often left with a large empty space in the middle of the room. By placing your furniture away from the wall, you can optimise the use of the space and create a nice flow in the room.

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Check out the cozy Farmhouse of Romy Boomsma.

Mistake 3: Wrong proportions

The proportions of furniture are important and one of the most difficult things to get right. In a small room we tend to opt for small furniture, but this doesn’t always give the desired effect. You don’t have to shy away from a large piece of furniture. Just make sure you go for one statement piece in the room and keep the rest of the room uncluttered. When it comes to size, it’s best to find a good balance between large and small furniture. And don’t forget the height of your furniture! A combination of high and low furniture looks best.

Mistake 4: Not taking the flow of the room into account

When you don’t take the flow of the room into account, your space might feel unnecessarily cluttered and you might keep bumping into the edges of your furniture. When arranging the room, think carefully about where you are going to walk and what the flow of the room is. This will immediately make your room feel larger and more spacious.

Mistake 5: Too much furniture

Too much furniture also makes the flow of a room feel uncomfortable and it makes a room feel cluttered and chaotic. So make sure you have enough furniture in the house, but stick to that!

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