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The 4 most common mistakes to avoid when hanging curtains

We have given our tips on hanging curtains in our FAQs, but what are the most common mistakes to avoid when hanging curtains? We’re here to help you avoid the four most common mistakes.

Curtain rod placed too low

A common mistake is hanging the curtain rod too close to your windows. You might be tempted to hang your curtains directly above the window frame, but placing your curtain rod here will make your room look much smaller. It is good practice to hang your curtains at least 10 to 15 cm above your window frame. Does your room have high ceilings? Then it is best to place the rod even higher; about half or two thirds from the highest point of the windows to the ceiling.

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Curtains that are too short

The most common mistake made when hanging curtains is buying curtains that are too short. If your curtains are too short, your room becomes optically smaller, just like with a curtain rod that is placed too low. When hanging curtains, consider the following lengths:

Curtains that end 1 to 2 cm above the floor: floating curtains are ideal when you have a long pile carpet. By having the curtains end just above the floor, you can open and close the curtain without any difficulty.

Curtains that end exactly at the floor: this length creates a neat and clean effect, but is difficult to achieve because you have to be very precise and hang the curtain rod at the exact right height.

Puddle: curtains that are a little too long create a romantic puddle effect. The curtain puddle works best with curtains made of luxury materials such as velvet. A disadvantage of this length is that the curtains might get dusty.

Curtain rod that is too narrow

Your curtain rod must be at least as wide as your window frame, but you have to take into account that when your rod exactly matches the width of your window frame, your curtains will block the light when they are pushed to the side. For the best result, make sure your curtains rod extends the window frame at least 15 cm on both sides. This makes your window and your room appear larger. Pay particular attention to this in your bedroom if you want your curtains to fully block out the light.

Not enough fabric

If you don’t use enough fabric for your curtains, you just won’t get the full and luxurious effect you are probably after. Therefore, always make sure that the width of your curtains is two to three times as wide as your window frame.

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