Surrounding yourself with things you love

For us, a new year means decluttering to create more space and focus, but also having a critical assessment of the things we surround ourselves with.

Inspired by the trend of minimalism, we are becoming more aware of the things we buy and already own. We have a tendency to buy unlimited amounts of things we don’t necessarily need, which often end up in the back of our closets, on the bottom of our drawers and basically everywhere in our home.

So it is no wonder decluttering is all the rage. Research shows us that a tidy home is actually good for us. In this blog, we will tell you why.

Schommelstoel in een open ruimte

More space

When you start decluttering, you literally create space. Not just physical space, but also mental space. Research shows us that having too many things around you is not good for focus and mental health. There is even research that shows a correlation between obesity and having too much clutter!


By decluttering, you get a clearer view of the things you treasure and value. When you declutter, you will notice you will mostly be left with things of higher quality. It is so much more satisfying to have one set of quality linen bed sheets instead of several polyester sheets that will inevitably make you sweat during your sleep. Quality above quantity!

Vrouw in bloemetjesjurk tilt een lap stof op


“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”: when you part with things that aren’t broken, you can donate or sell them to a charity shop. This way you can make someone else happy with something that is not serving you anymore.


Having too many visual stimuli around you makes it harder to focus. The less stuff you see, the more focused and productive you become!

opgeruimde werkplek met een kalender

Cleaning and tidying up

A bit of a no brainer but important nonetheless: the less things you have, the less you have to tidy and clean!

Decluttering might sound easy, but in reality it often turns out to be more difficult than you would think. We will tell you how you can get started with decluttering in our next blog.