Slow living in winter

winterse maaltijd soep

Slow food

Winter is the season to spend a little more time in your kitchen. It’s cold outside and you’re already spending so much of your time inside, you might as well spend your free time cooking fabulous meals and dining alone or with loved ones. When we think about hearty winter meals, we think of beautiful stews and casseroles with winter vegetables like parsnips, sweet potatoes and beets. In winter, we also enjoy long evenings with friends at a beautifully set table. You can create a cozy winter table by adding a few simple elements like a linen tablecloth, linen napkins, candles and beautiful earthenware.

relax on bed

Go offline

In winter, it’s tempting to come home and spend your evenings on the couch watching tv. It might be nice to experiment with going offline one night a week. Light some candles, read a book or play an old fashioned board game: You will be surprised by how much more relaxed you will feel compared to how you feel after you have just spent your evening watching mind numbing tv.

Go outside

Even though it might be freezing outside, your body still needs vitamin D, especially when you spend so much time indoors. Wrap yourself up in your coziest jumper, hat and scarf and brave the cold by going on a walk in the woods or by the beach. You can treat yourself to a delicious mug of hot cocoa after your walk.

warm yourself up

Listen to your body

Winter can really take its toll on your body and your skin. The days are short, you are not spending much time outside and the air is dry air from central heating. Winter is really a season to listen to your body and take care of yourself. Take a long bath and dry yourself with a linen towel. Tired? Go to bed early and enjoy a luxurious bed linen bed sheets. Your body will thank you. Take a look at our range of linen and be surprised by our wide range of high-quality linen.