Slow living: Easter

We enjoy reflecting on and celebrating the changing of the seasons and Easter is the perfect time to celebrate spring. Spring is the season of nature revealing its beauty, of the days are getting longer and spending more time outside. To celebrate Easter in the spirit of ​​slow living, you can take this time to celebrate the blossoming beauty of nature and being together with the people you love.

paaseieren op een linnen tafellaken

The Easter Table

The base of a slow living Easter table is – of course – a beautiful linen tablecloth. Our ‘Sahara’ linen would be very suitable for a natural and understated look. For Easter, you might opt for a brightly colored tablecloth, or you can go for a neutral tablecloth and add colour with flowers. You can pick flowers from your own garden and create several small bouquets that you playfully dot around your table. Easter branches also add a classic Easter look to your table. You can place your branches in a vase or just arrange them directly on your table.

Easter egg hunting

Who doesn’t have fond memories of easter egg hunting? The concept is simple, but with small children, it is always a hit. To give your egg hunt a nice touch, you can give each child a wicker basket to collect their eggs.

Paasversieringen op tafel maken

Painting eggs

Do you want to paint your eggs for Easter, but are you put off by using regular paint? There are many ways in which you can dye your eggs with natural ingredients. For example: giving your eggs a bath with onion skins will turn your eggs yellow, red cabbage can be used for blue eggs, and beets will give you pink eggs. Get your children to join in on the fun!

Paaseitjes in een zelfgemaakt mandje

Making bird nests

You can make your own little bird nests for your (chocolate) eggs by collecting small, thin branches. You make the nests using a bowl and some iron wire: you turn the bowl upside down, attach some iron wire around the bowl and braid the twigs around the iron wire and around each other. Making these bird nests is fun to do by yourself or with children and they are a great addition for your Easter table.