Shopping for a sustainable interior

We all want to live more sustainably, but there are so many things that you can ‘do better’ that it can be hard to know where to start. In this blog we have listed our top tips for shopping sustainably for your interior.


We have talked about minimalism on our blog before and that’s for good reason. A minimalist interior is not only soothing to the soul, it is also gentle on the environment. Because of its simplicity, you don’t have to buy many things for a beautiful minimalistic interior. Choose a few stunning and high quality items and let them be the eyecatchers in your interior.


Eco-friendly materials

If you want to shop sustainably for your interior, go for eco-friendly materials. There are all kinds of exciting developments when it comes eco-friendly materials, like “leather” made out of mushrooms and fruit. When it comes to ‘classic’ materials, linen is one of the most sustainable fabrics out there and a great choice when you are looking for an eco-friendly option.

Shop vintage

If you want to shop sustainably for your interior, you can always opt for vintage items. If you enjoy hunting for vintage gems, look for great pieces in thrift stores or Ebay. If you don’t, go for vintage furniture stores. You usually pay a little more here, but you have the luxury of having someone else doing the hunting for you.



Just like it’s not good for the environment when you travel a lot, it is also not good for the environment when products have to travel a long way. With our fabrics you can be sure this is not the case. All our linen comes from Belgium and only needs to travel a short distance to end up in our store.