Red in your interior

Red is a real eye-catcher and a bold colour to use in your home. You can use it in rooms with lots of natural light and also combine it with different colours. Red in itself can evoke different feelings, from being intense in your interieur to stimulating your appetite.

The shade of red you choose really makes or breaks the look. Bright red is generally quite intense to use in your home, while other shades are a lot easier to work with. Terracotta, for example, creates a warm, Mediterranean feel in your home. Burgundy red is very tasteful and perfect for a classic interior.

Which spaces in your home are most suited to red?

Red – just like yellow and orange – is a colour that stimulates appetite. This makes red very suitable for the kitchen and the dining room. Due to the stimulating nature of red, the colour is not really suitable for the bedroom or other rooms where you want to relax. In your living room and in other rooms you can use red accents to give the room a vibrant boost.

Red works best in rooms with a lot of natural light. In a north facing room, red can have a somewhat oppressive effect.

Red curtains - linen

How to combine red with other colours

When you’re combining red with other colours, the goal is often to tone down the red. Red and grey for example work really well together. Other neutral colours like brown, beige and taupe also combine beautifully with red. Combining red with white makes the red really pop, which causes a wonderfully dramatic effect.

Another way of toning down red is by combining red with natural materials. You can do this by actually choosing a natural fabric for your red accent (such as red linen curtains), or combining red with other natural materials such as stone or wood.

Red linen