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Measuring & advice service

To make the purchase of your curtains just a little bit easier we are now offering a measuring and advice service, which means we will come to your home to measure your windows and advise you on which colours and fabrics will suit your home best.

How does our measuring and advice service work exactly?

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You can order the measuring and advice service in our webshop. When you order it’s not necessary to already have picked a fabric and colour. When you have placed your order, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a date for us to come to your home.

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We’ll come to your home and show you all the possibilities and decide with you on which fabric and colour is best for your interior. We’ll bring fabric samples so you can see exactly what the different colours and fabrics will look like in your interior.

We’ll also inform you about all the options when it comes to hanging curtains. For example: do you want a single or double pleat? And what is the best height to hang your curtains?

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When you have made your choice we will measure your windows. This way we can make sure that your curtains are placed according to your personal wishes. With our service you automatically receive our measuring guarantee.

Do you think you might want to order more curtains from us in the future? If so, we will measure all the windows in your house so we’ll have all the measurements ready for the next time.


We’ll look at the accessories you want (such as a curtain rail or rod) and calculate a quote for you.

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After our appointment we will start making your curtains. If you have ordered a curtain rail or rod, we’ll also hang the curtains for you. Otherwise we can send the curtains to your home or you can pick them up at our showroom.


With our measuring and advice service you automatically receive our measuring guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied and the curtains are not placed as we’ve agreed on in advance, we will come back to make sure your curtains are placed as desired..

You can order our measuring and advice service for just 150€ on our website. We also offer advice free of charge in our showroom.

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