We love minimalist interiors. But we also love colour and great accessories. A minimalist interior features neutral colours like white, beige and taupe. Beautiful and soothing colours, but a tad boring for some.

The opposite of minimalism is, of course, maximalism. This style is characterised by lots of colour and an abundance of accessories. Atmospheric and warm, but a bit too much for many people.

Minimalism and maximalism meet each other in the new interior design trend “maximalist minimalism”. This style is based on minimalism, but gives you more space to play with colour and accessories. A great way to incorporate some maximalism in a minimalistic interior is a feature wall, colourful furniture or coloured curtains.

Maximalist minimalism


In a minimalist interior it’s best to avoid clutter and let your statement pieces shine, while a maximalist minimalist interior leaves a bit more room for accessorising. In a maximalist minimalist interior you can play around with accessories, but it’s still important that you choose your accessories with care. What’s important to you? What brings you joy?

To avoid unwanted clutter and chaos, see if you can display your accessories carefully. So instead of placing accessories all over your room, try to create a designated area where you display your loved items. So choose one cabinet to display your accessories, or display your items in a creative or unexpected way.


In a maximalist minimalist interior, you can really make a statement with a large piece of art on your wall. If the rest of your interior is minimal, a piece of art has plenty of room to make an impact. Instead of art, you can also opt for a statement wall with wallpaper in a striking print, or paint your wall in a warm, rich colour such as dark red, dark green, ochre or aubergine.

Maximalist minimalism

Project: The Loft

Feature wall

Does maximalist minimalism appeal to you, but you don't want your house to become too cluttered? Choose one feature wall and keep the rest of your house calm. For example, think of a large, open bookcase on one of your walls that you can fill with books and all your favorite accessories.

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