Luxury Curtains

Luxury curtains never go out of style. They are by far the easiest way to instantly give your living room or bedroom a boost. Luxury linen curtains suit many interior styles and will always look classy and elegant. But what does luxury mean to us?

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Evert zoekt luxe gordijnstof uit

Luxury materials

The quality of the fabric is essential. We love working with linen as we believe it is the highest quality fabric there is. It is a completely natural product and it’s extremely durable. Luxury linen curtains drape beautifully and suit many interior styles. There’s a wide variety of washes and finishes, which all give their own personality to the fabric. Evert Groot’s linen fabrics are of the highest quality, as we work with Northern European linen, which carries the “Masters of Linen” label.

Rich colours

Linen is very well suited to colour treatment. The dyeing process of linen can result in a variety of colours, from light to dark and from bright to pastel. Whatever colour, linen will always look classy and elegant, sometimes with a unique sleek or robust feel. Did you know Evert Groot has the largest collection of coloured linen in the Netherlands?


Acoustics are an important part of the luxurious feel of our curtains. The heavier the curtains, the better the acoustics. If you want to create a warm and welcoming space, choose heavy linen curtains, with or without lining. It will create an instant sense of luxury.


Not only do we offer luxury curtains, we also strive for the best service. We want to make sure you don’t have to worry about a thing, which is why we offer a full service experience. We come to your home to measure your curtains and to advise you on colour, quality and type: hanging curtains, roman blinds or a combination of both. After our visit, we make our curtains exactly how you want them to provide you with one of a kind curtains. We strive for the fastest delivery and we can also come to your home to hang the curtains for you.

Ultimate sense of luxury

For the ultimate feeling of luxury, have your linen curtains made to measure, entirely to your wishes. Enjoy our luxurious curtains with an exclusive look. You won’t regret it!