Linen: from flax to fabric

Linen is made from flax and has been produced in Western Europe for centuries. Its main countries of production are the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Or exclusive linen is produced sustainably as flax thrives in natural soil, all parts of the plants are used and the plant requires a lot less water than a cotton plant.

Eindresultaat van linnen op een buitentafel

Sowing and reaping

After the flax seeds are sown around April, they are ready to be harvested after around a hundred days. They don’t need much care during this time, unless the season is unusually dry. The plants grow best in a cool, humid temperature and in natural soil. If too much fertilizer is used, the fibers become too long and weak. When the flax plants bloom, the blue flowers bloom for a very short time; somewhere between two and eight hours.

Repelen en roten

When harvesting, the flax plants are pulled from the ground with their roots. It is now time for the plants to dry. When they’re dry, the seeds are removed. This process is called pulling. After pulling, the plants are exposed to moisture to extract the pectine from the fibre. This process is called retting and is done by placing the plants on the ground and exposing them to rain, dew and sun.

Touw na zwingelen

Scutching and combing

After retting, the wood is separated from the fibre in a turbine. This process produces long and short fibres. The short fibres are made into rope and the long fibres are made into linen. The long fibres are combed and ready to be spun.

Linnen weven

Spinning and weaving

When spinning, the fibres are connected with each other and the yarn is formed. This yarn can be coarse or fine. The fabrics are stretched and spun together. To make the yarn as smooth as possible, the yarn is often kept moist during spinning. The yarn is now ready to be woven.

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