Linen blinds

Our blinds are made from the natural material linen. Linen blinds complete your interior and provide warmth and comfort; therefore we advise you to choose really high quality fabric, this makes your interior beautiful and pure! The reason we like to work with linen is that the fabric is so versatile. Besides a natural fabric, it is strong, light and perfectly fitting in any interior. For these reasons, it is an ideal fabric to create your blinds, especially for you.

Perfectly fitting

With our linen blinds, you can decide whether the curtains should be fed and how much light you want to let through. The fabric can let through a beautiful natural light, but we can also make the blinds obscure for you. We can of course advise you on this. To ensure that the linen blinds fit exactly in your frame(s), we ensure precise measurements. Then we make your curtains with great care and in the desired color; we really have all the colors! We can also supply the curtains in exactly the same way as the quality you want, for example a ‘laundered’ or ‘stonewash’ linen quality. We like to think along with you and make sure that the linen blinds match the interior. When you look at our linen fabrics at Evert Groot, you will see and feel that the fabrics are of very good quality. Quality, that’s what you see.

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