Linen blinds

Our blinds are made from linen, which is a natural fabric. Linen blinds complete your interior and provide your home with warmth and comfort. When choosing curtains, we advise you to consider high quality fabrics, as they really add a touch of luxury to a room. The reason we love to work with linen is because it is such a versatile fabric. It is strong, light and perfectly suits any interior and is an ideal fabric to use for your blinds.

Perfectly fitting

With our linen blinds, you can decide if you want your curtains to be lined based on how much light you want them to let through. Linen filters light beautifully, but we can also line blinds for a blackout effect. We’re here to advise you on what best fits your needs. To make sure that you linen blinds fit your window frame(s), we measure your window frames with precision. When you have decided on a colour, we will start making your curtains. We can also provide you with curtains in all kinds of washes, like ‘laundered’ or ‘stonewash’ linen. We’d love to help and advise you and make sure that your linen blinds match your interior perfectly. When you see our linen fabrics, you will instantly see and feel that they are of the highest quality, so you can be sure you will get the best curtains for your home.