Kids room curtains

Whether you’re decorating a nursery or giving your teenager’s room a new look, curtains are an important part of every child’s room. But how do you choose the right curtains? And which of our fabrics are best for a kids’ room?

What colour curtains should I choose for a kids’ room?

The choice of colour for your curtains of course mainly depends on the look of the whole room, but there are some other things to consider. You can take into account how large the surface area is of the window that will be covered. For example, a small window is much more suitable for a curtain with a bright colour than a curtain that covers an entire wall. You can also consider whether you want your curtains to blend in with the style of the rest of the room or whether you want the curtains to make a statement in the room.

Blackout curtains

When you’re decorating a nursery, it is best to opt for blackout curtains as your baby will have to be able to sleep during the day. Blackout curtains are also the best option for younger children, because they often go to sleep when it is still light outside.

For older children it is a matter of preference. Does your child prefer to sleep in a dark room or do they prefer to be woken up by daylight? You can base your choice on their and your preference.

Curtains or blinds

Is it better to opt for blinds or normal curtains in a children’s room? We recommend curtains because they block the light and they also improve the acoustics in the room, which is great for children of all ages!

Which of our fabrics are suitable for kids’ bedrooms?

  • For fine, light curtains we recommend our Manhattan and Provence.
  • For a more robust look we recommend our unlined Munich. This fabric blacks out 85% of the light and has a tough look because of the bruising caused by the soap stonewash and rolled fabric.
  • A blended fabric works well in a neutral children’s room. Our lined Berlin has a beautiful changing effect, as if woven with two colours.
  • All our fabrics can be lined. Do you prefer unlined curtains? Then choose Zurich, Munich or Havana.