Interior Design Trend: New Mediterranean

Published On: 6th June 2021

“If we can’t go to the Mediterranean, we’ll bring the Mediterranean into our homes” must have been the thought behind the latest interior design trend ‘New Mediterranean’. Would you like to bring some Mediterranean flair to your home? In this blog we’ll tell you all about this sunny interior design trend.


Anyone who’s ever been to the Mediterranean probably won’t be surprised that the colour palette of this trend mainly consists of warm, earthy tones like beige, white and brown. But the most quintessential colour of this trend is terracotta, which instantly gives your interior that warm, Mediterranean feel.

Saint Germain Vitrage in Ibiza

Our project Blakstad on Ibiza proves that Mediterranean and linen blend together perfectly.


One of the most striking features of the New Mediterranean style is the use of shapes and in particular columns and arches. In Mediterranean interiors, arches are mostly featured in doorways and vistas between different rooms in the house. If your home doesn’t have any arches, you can still incorporate them into your interior by painting an arch on your wall as a feature (for example above the headboard of your bed) or placing accessories with arch shapes in your home.

Other organic shapes also work well in this style. Combine clean shapes with organic, loose forms for the best results.

Materials and textures

Many current interior design trends feature natural materials and that is no different for the New Mediterranean style. Terracotta stones, linen curtains and jute accessories will give your interior an instant Mediterranean vibe.

Do you want to apply the Mediterranean feel to the walls of your home? Then go all out and opt for a plaster wall. You don’t have to cover the whole wall: revealing parts of the original brick wall is also a great look for this style.

An easier option is using limewash paint. Limewash paint consists of water, limestone and mineral pigments and is a beautiful natural alternative to normal paint. It gives your walls a matte, powdery effect that fits perfectly with the New Mediterranean style.

Rustige tinten in een industrieel ontwerp

Nature and surroundings

In a Mediterranean interior, nature automatically plays an important role in the house, because warm weather invites us to go outside. Unfortunately we’re not always blessed with sunny weather, but we can create this effect by bringing Mediterranean plants into the house like an olive tree or a small eucalyptus tree.

Light linen curtains also give your home that Mediterranean feel. Just think of a bedroom where the warm wind and sun gently play with your curtains. Who wouldn’t want to wake up like that?