Interior Design Trend: a modern interior

A modern interior is perfect for anyone who enjoys a sleek and tranquil home. Clean lines, cool materials and neutral elements are the building blocks of a modern interior.

Space and lines in a modern interior

The most defining features of a modern interior are clean lines and geometric shapes. These shapes can appear in the actual space, but you can also add geometric elements to your room with furniture. If you want to add bookshelves to your room it’s best to opt for built in bookshelves, which won’t interfere with the lines of the room. Do you want to place a dresser or a smaller cupboard in your room? Opt for one with clean lines and no frills.

The living room of a modern interior is often one large space where the kitchen is integrated into the room. Do you have a hard time making a large space like this feel cozy and warm? Add round shapes to your interior in addition to all the straight lines.

Interior Design Trend: a modern interior

Project: Badhoevedorp

Materials in a modern interior

The materials that you most often see in a modern interior are cool materials like metal, stone, chrome and glass. Concrete floors are perfect for a modern interior because they are seamless. A wooden floor can also be a good fit, as long as the floor doesn’t look too rustic. If you want to make a room with many cool elements warmer you can play around with textures. A shaggy carpet, colourful pillows on your sofa or linen curtains will instantly give your room a warmer feel.

Colours in a modern interior

Black, white, grey and taupe are the typical colours of a modern interior, although you can play around with colourful accents. Yellow is a great accent colour and red also really pops when combined with neutral colours. Would you rather stick to neutrals? Just make sure you add different textures to give your room some warmth.

Project: Houthavens

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