Interior design style: Rustic

Published On: 6th April 2021

The rustic style is a classic interior design style that has made quite the comeback in recent years. This style is all about bringing the outdoors inside and bringing nature into your home through robust shapes and colours.

Groene hanggordijnen in een bohemian woonkamer


The colour palette of the rustic style finds its origin in – surprise, surprise – nature. The foundation of a rustic interior is usually neutral, but other natural colours are also a good fit. A combination of neutral colours, earth tones and other nature inspired colours make up the whole palette of this interior design style. Colours that are too striking and bright don’t really fit this style.


The rustic style often features large and robust pieces of furniture. Think of a large leather sofa that you can comfortably sink into and a solid wooden table with a wooden bench. A kitchen dresser with half open shelving is also a typically rustic piece of furniture. These kinds of dressers make it possible to store some of your belongings out of sight and present some of your most beautiful tableware.

In terms of accessories, the rustic style includes a lot of robust elements inspired by nature, such as a side table made from a tree trunk or from natural stone.


Since the rustic style is all about nature, it is not surprising that the materials we often see in this style are natural, like wood, metal and stone. One of the classic elements of a rustic home is the visibility of the construction of the house. Wooden beams are a classic, but brick walls are also part of the rustic style.

The same applies to fabrics and upholstery: the rustic style often features natural fabrics such as leather, cotton and linen. Texture is an important element of the rustic style. The different materials in this style invite you to touch them!