In previous blogs we talked about a range of interior styles and concepts: remember the minimalist interior, the ever popular bohemian style and the Japanese anti-trend Wabi Sabi? The concept that was very obviously missing from this list is of course the Danish concept of “Hygge”.

Hygge is not just an interior style, but a concept that can be applied to your interior. Hygge has deep roots in Danish culture. It is difficult to explain what Hygge exactly is and no Danish person will answer the question “what is Hygge?” the same. But what we can say is that Hygge is about a sense of security, cosiness, simplicity and nostalgia. Hygge is a concept that particularly shines in winter: just imagine sitting by the fireplace with warm knitted socks, candlelight and a mug of hot chocolate.

Hygges popularity

The word Hygge was first used in Denmark in the eighteenth century and has since been a part of Denmark’s DNA. The Danish term gained international popularity in 2016. After a number of books on the subject the British could not get enough of Hygge. In 2016 the term was even named the second most used word of the year! In 2017, Americans also started going crazy for Hygge. This was mainly noticeable on social media, where Hygge hashtags multiplied on Instagram and Pinterests search rate for Hygge exploded.

Hygge in your home

One of the most important things in a Hygge interior is how you light your space. Danes are rumored to use most candles per person in the world. And for good reason: Candlelight gives even the most minimalist interior a warm and cozy feel. Do you want to create a sense of Hygge in your interior? Start with candlelight. Twinkle lights also work well. Texture is also essential to create a Hygge interior. Layers of natural materials such as linen and wool give your house atmosphere and “body”.

To create a Hygge vibe it essential that your house feels like a place where you feel warm and secure. A Hygge home has a bathroom where you can retreat and take care of yourself and a bedroom that feels like a place to relax and recharge. And of course: a bed where you can have a nourishing lie in on a lazy Sunday morning!

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