How to use yellow in your interior

In a recent blog, we told you about the effects of different colours in your interior. In the upcoming months, we will highlight several colours and in this blog we’re talking about the colour yellow. What are the psychological properties of yellow? Which spaces are most suited to yellow and how do you combine yellow with other colours?

What are the psychological properties of yellow?

Yellow stands for positivity. It is the colour of the sun and of flowers like sunflowers daffodils. Yellow makes you feel optimistic, joyful and enthusiastic. It is an activating colour and it is energising. But be careful! Too much yellow might make you feel irritable and anxious. This is why yellow is particularly suitable to use as an accent colour in your home.

Gele zonnebloemen op een fauteuil

Which spaces in your home are most suited to yellow?

De keuken

The kitchen is a great space to use yellow, because yellow energises and increases your appetite! For a clean and cheerful look in your kitchen, go for a yellow accent wall or use yellow roman blinds.

The hallway

The hallway is also a perfect space for using yellow. Considering the hallway is the first things people see when they visit your home, yellow is the perfect colour to give them a positive and cheerful feeling, which will make them feel instantly welcome.

Small and dark nooks

If you have any small and dark nooks in your house – like a cupboard under the stairs or a small hallway – yellow will brighten the space and make it feel warm.

The office

Yellow is especially suited for an office of someone with a creative profession. Yellow energises and it stimulates you to take more risks.


How to combine yellow with other colours

Yellow comes in a great variety of different shades: from pale yellow to ochre. A pale yellow goes well with other light colours, such as white, cream, taupe and light blue.

Bright yellow is especially suited to use as an accent colour. A yellow blanket. yellow pillows or yellow curtains give an otherwise neutral home an eye catching and playful look.

Ochre really comes alive when you combine it with blue and teal. For example, ochre curtains on a teal wall will give the room a luxury look that really pops.

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