How to transition your kid’s room to a teen’s room

Published On: 2nd September 2021

It’s one of those things that happens before you know it: your child is growing into a teenager and suddenly doesn’t like their kid’s room anymore. Although it might be a hard pill to swallow, let’s look at it on the bright side: it’s time for a makeover! In this blog, we’re listing everything you need to think about when transforming a children’s room into a cool and comfortable teenager’s room.

Throwing things out

When you want to transform a kid’s room into a teenager’s room, it is sensible to first take a look at everything that’s currently in the room. What can stay? What do you (or your child) want to keep because of sentimental value? And – above all – what can go? By taking a critical look at the items in your children’s room, you can begin with a clean slate and start creating the ideal room for your (almost) teenager.

Bed in een tienerkamer
A place to hang out

When your child was little, they probably loved playing in their room. Now that’s slowly changing into ‘hanging out’ with friends, so make sure you create room for this in their room. You can create a separate sitting area, but if there is not enough space you can also opt for a few extra cushions on the bed and add a beanbag.

A pinboard for memorabilia

Teenagers often like to display pictures and other memorabilia in their room. To make sure your wallpaper doesn’t get covered with stickers, you can place a rack or large pinboard on the wall. This way your child can display everything they want and you don’t have to worry about the wallpaper.

A study area

Besides relaxing, there is of course also homework to be done. A study area is an absolute must in any teenager’s room. A small desk is enough. Just make sure that there is enough space on the desk for study books and a laptop.

Een zithoek en werkplekje
A loft bed

If your teenager has a small room, a loft bed can be the perfect solution. Most teenagers like to sleep in a loft bed and you can easily create space for a sitting and/or study area!

Creating separate areas with curtains

Does your teenager have a big room? Use curtains to create separate nooks. You could use curtains to separate the bed from the study area or you can drape curtains around the bed to create the illusion of a four-poster bed.