How to choose the best colour for your curtains

One of the big decisions to make when choosing curtains is which colour you want to go for. The colour of your curtains plays a big role in the atmosphere of a room. Different colours make you feel different things and in this blog we are going to give you an overview of a few colours and their psychological effects:


The colour red represents passion, warmth and energy. When buying red curtains, the shade you pick is very important. Bright red curtains are quite loud and are not suitable for a room where you want to create a sense of tranquility. Yet burgundy curtains radiate a feeling of luxury and warmth and are therefore very suitable for a cozy, luxurious living room. The colour red whets the appetite, so red curtains are very suitable for the kitchen.

Rode tinten geven je kamer een luxe uitstraling


Blue is a calming colour, which is why this colour is an excellent choice for your bedroom or office. Because it is a cold colour, blue curtains would be less suitable for a space where you want to create warmth and coziness. It is always best to hang blue curtains in a space where there’s more than enough natural light.


Green is one of the most soothing colours in the colour spectrum. It reminds us of nature and gives us a feeling of peace, harmony and balance. Due to these positive effects, green curtains are generally suitable for all rooms.

Groene gordijnen zorgen voor een natuurlijk uiterlijk


White curtains give a room a fresh and clean vibe. The colour white makes spaces seem bigger, so they are ideal for small rooms. Be careful not to use too much white in a room, as this can create a sterile effect. Combining white with natural colours like brown, beige and green give your room a beautiful, natural look.

Witte gordijnen matchen perfect met natuurlijke kleuren


Yellow is associated with cheerfulness, optimism and energy. These qualities make yellow curtains less suitable for the bedroom, but a great choice for your living room or office.