One of the big decisions to make when choosing curtains is which colour you want to go for. The colour of your curtains plays a big role in the atmosphere of a room. Different colours make you feel different things and in this blog we are going to give you an overview of a few colours and their psychological effects:


The colour red represents passion, warmth and energy. When buying red curtains, the shade you pick is very important. Bright red curtains are quite loud and are not suitable for a room where you want to create a sense of tranquility. Yet burgundy curtains radiate a feeling of luxury and warmth and are therefore very suitable for a cozy, luxurious living room. The colour red whets the appetite, so red curtains are very suitable for the kitchen.

Rode tinten geven je kamer een luxe uitstraling


Blue is a calming colour, which is why this colour is an excellent choice for your bedroom or office. Because it is a cold colour, blue curtains would be less suitable for a space where you want to create warmth and coziness. It is always best to hang blue curtains in a space where there’s more than enough natural light.


Green is one of the most soothing colours in the colour spectrum. It reminds us of nature and gives us a feeling of peace, harmony and balance. Due to these positive effects, green curtains are generally suitable for all rooms.

Groene gordijnen zorgen voor een natuurlijk uiterlijk


White curtains give a room a fresh and clean vibe. The colour white makes spaces seem bigger, so they are ideal for small rooms. Be careful not to use too much white in a room, as this can create a sterile effect. Combining white with natural colours like brown, beige and green give your room a beautiful, natural look.

Witte gordijnen matchen perfect met natuurlijke kleuren


Yellow is associated with cheerfulness, optimism and energy. These qualities make yellow curtains less suitable for the bedroom, but a great choice for your living room or office.

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