Hotel room design ideas for your bedroom

Published On: 14th September 2021

Beautiful design, a freshly made bed and beautiful lighting: a luxurious hotel room is the ultimate place to relax. But how do you get the look of a hotel room in your own bedroom?

Houten Hoofdboard

1. Headboard

A striking headboard makes a bold statement. You can go a lot of ways with your headboard: For a natural look, opt for a wooden or rattan headboard. For a more luxurious look, go for a quilted headboard, with or without a print.

2. Luxury linens

Hotel beds are often made with light and fresh coloured bedding. Choose linen bedding in a light shade and finish off the look with pillows in an accent colour. A throw at the foot of your bed completes the look.

Luxe slaapkamer met ensuite badkamer
3. Bedside lamps

Two different night bedside lamps can make your room look a little messy. For the real hotel room vibe, opt for two matching bedside lamps. You can put lamps on your bedside table, but for a real luxurious look, put two light fixings on the wall on both sides of the headboard.

4. Luxury curtains

When it comes to curtains it is best to go for a combination of transparent curtains with blackout curtains. This way you can enjoy sleeping in a dark room and stay in bed on a Sunday morning with the soft light that shines through the transparent curtains.

5. A seating area

Creating a seating area is not something that immediately springs to mind when you think of your bedroom, but it’s one of those details that give your room an instant luxurious look. You can place a bench at the foot of your bed, or put an armchair or ottoman in the corner of your room.

6. Jewel tones

Choose jewel tones for the walls of your bedroom. Jewel tones give your room a wonderfully decadent feel. Go for colours like dark green, deep blue or eggplant.