Green in your interior

Green is one of the most calming colours in the colour spectrum. Green symbolises nature, tranquility and balance, it has a calming effect and can even have positive effects on people who are experiencing depression. Besides its calming qualities, green also symbolises growth and coming to life.

As we all seem to crave more calm and balance in our lives, it’s no wonder that Flexa chose “Tranquil Dawn” as the colour of 2020. Tranquil dawn is a beautiful, subdued greyish green colour.

Close-up van de Havana Putty Green

a close-up of Havana Putty Green

Which spaces in your home are most suited to green?

Bedroom & bathroom
Green is one of the few colours that really suits all rooms. It is an ideal colour for the bed- and bathroom as it promotes a sense of relaxation and tranquility.

Living room
The calming qualities of green also make it a top choice for the living room. Green gives a sense of security and protection, which is why a green living room is ideal for relaxing and calming down after a long and busy day.


This tranquil green livingroom in Abcoude

Dining room & kitchen
Green promotes a sense of appetite, just like red and yellow. This makes green an excellent colour for the dining room and the kitchen.

How to combine green with other colours

Green combines well with neutral colours like ecru, beige, brown and white. It also lends itself well to play around with a ton-sur-ton effect by combining a certain shade of green with other shades of green. For example, you can combine a dark shade of green with a lighter, greyish green.


Colours like red, purple and orange really pop when you combine them with green. This can have a beautiful effect, but make sure to not overdo it! A green wall with a pink accent can look amazing, but a green wall with pink curtains might be a bit too much.