Red tints give your room a luxurious appeal

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning might be an old tradition, but it still is current to this day. The bright light makes us – sometimes painfully – aware of our dirty windows and the dust that’s lying around. It’s the perfect time to open our doors and windows, bring the fresh spring air into our home and give everything a good old spring cleaning. Not sure where to start? Just a few ideas: clean out your cupboards, turn your mattress and beat or shake out your blankets and rugs.

Replacing your bed linen

Even though linen bed sheets are great all year round, they are especially wonderful in summer thanks to its air permeability, which keeps you cool under the covers when temperatures are rising. Spring is also a great time to replace your dark, wintery bed sheets with some nice, light coloured sheets.

Groene gordijnen zorgen voor een natuurlijk uiterlijk

Replacing pillow and blankets in your room

Replacing seasonal accessories in your room will give an instant boost. When you replace your accessoires seasonally you will be pleasantly surprised by what you had stored away, which will make you much less tempted to buy new accessories every season.

Washing/replacing curtains and cleaning your windows

Spring is the season for letting the light into our homes. This light unfortunately also means we become aware of exactly how dirty our windows and curtains are! Therefore, it’s a great time to clean our windows and replace or clean our curtains. It’s best to not clean your windows on a particularly sunny day. The sun will dry your windows too quickly, which will leave marks on your window. For new curtains, check out our webshop for some beautiful linen curtains.

Buying new plants

Maybe not all of your plants have survived winter, or maybe you just have some space left in your home for a new green friend. Plants in your house are a great way to bring spring into your home. Some plants even purify the air in your home: a win win situation!

Don’t forget your balcony and garden

Your garden and balcony are also in need of a little spring cleaning after winter. Check if your garden furniture needs to be replaced, plant some seeds for your little vegetable garden and your garden or balcony is ready for the new season.

Witte gordijnen matchen perfect met natuurlijke kleuren
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