Interior design trends keep evolving over the years and lately including more nature inspired colours within your interior is one of them. We will inform you on how to put these earth tones to practise and what colours earthy tones are.

As the name suggests, earth tones are just that: colours that have their origins in nature. Earth tones in our homes are great because they have a calming effect and give us the feeling of being in touch with the earth, which we all seem to be craving in these unprecedented times.

One of the wonderful things about earth tones is that they suit pretty much all interior design styles. We’re seeing a lot of earth tones in modern bohemian interiors, but they are just as suited to a modern interior. Because of their connection to nature, they of course also fit in perfectly with a rustic interior design style.

What are earthy tones?

Earth tones are the muted hues we see in nature. The following shades fall within the earth tones palette:

Which colours combine well with earth tones?

Another great thing about earth tones is that they all combine well with each other and with other colours we see in nature, like the dark blue colour of water or the green of plants. But even bright colours like neon yellow or hot pink match surprisingly well with the more neutral earth tones.

Which rooms are most suitable for earth tones?

Earth tones are very suitable for the living room as this is often one of the busiest areas in the house. You can use earth tones here to create a tranquil yet luxurious space.

Because earth tones make us feel protected and safe, they are also ideal for the bedroom. The most neutral earth tones such as brown and taupe do particularly well here.

The bathroom is another space that lends itself well to earth tones as these shades give a space a warm feeling which is very pleasant in a bathroom compared to cooler shades.

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