Design Trend: Maximalism

Last month we talked about the interior design trend maximalist minimalism. But what exactly is maximalism? The first thing that probably springs to mind when you think of a maximalist interior is the opposite of a minimalistic interior.

But maximalism is more than that. Maximalism is about translating your personality to your interior. A maximalist interior is about creating a space that makes you feel safe and comfortable. A space where you feel happy about the things you surround yourself with, like your special vintage finds, treasures you picked up on your holidays and art you love.

Colours in a maximalistic interior

A maximalist interior doesn’t have any rules when it comes to colour. If you want to combine different colours but want to avoid a cluttered look, choose three colours as the base of your interior. You can incorporate more colour with accessories like throws, pillows, prints and ornaments.

Rich colours like dark green, black and aubergine are great for a maximalist interior. You can also play around with different finishes. A wall with a high gloss finish is a fun and interesting look.

A maximalist interior also invites you to experiment with wallpaper in different prints and patterns. Mix and match is what it’s all about in a maximalist interior, so don’t be scared to combine different colours and prints.

Design Trend: Maximalism

Materials and furniture in a maximalistic interior

The same goes for materials and furniture: mix and match! You don’t have to stick to one particular style when it comes to maximalism. Just combine modern, vintage and everything in between.

A maximalistic interior also allows you to play with different materials like linen, silk, wool, stone, glass: everything is possible. As long as it suits you, it will suit your interior.

Which curtains suit a maximalistic interior?