Scandinavia meets Japan in the new ‘Japandi’ interior trend. The word ‘Japandi’ is a combination of Japanese and ‘Scandi’ or Scandinavian style. Although Scandinavia and Japan are not exactly in close proximity to each other, their ideas on style and design go surprisingly well together.

Scandinavian design and Japanese design both have a love for minimalism and genuine craftsmanship. The Japanese Wabi Sabi philosophy and the Scandinavian Hygge also have some strong similarities. They both value simplicity and seeing beauty in the small things.

Houten schaal met oranje linnen tafellaken

Wabi Sabi and Hygge are both kind of ‘anti-trends’. Instead of encouraging you to follow the latest trends and buy the hottest products, they invite you to choose quality products that last a lifetime. Both trends also have a similar aesthetic, with using natural materials like wood, bamboo and linen.

There are also some contrasts between the two styles and combining these contrasts is what makes Japandi style so interesting. The Scandi style mainly uses light colours like white, beige and gray and light woods. Japanese style uses more dark colours like red, black and darker wood. Scandi style also uses more straight lines, while Japanese style has more rounded shapes.

1. Minimalism

Japandi style means minimalism. A minimalistic home doesn’t mean an empty home. Just go for one or two statement pieces instead of a lot of smaller items.

Feng Shui by @cedarstudies

2. Colours

The base of Japandi style is neutral, so this style also has a neutral color palette. Typical Japandi style is a base of light colors, with contrasting details in the typical Japanese colors red and black.

3. Low furniture

In Japan, furniture is often low to the ground because Japanese find it important to stay close to the earth. Low furniture immediately gives your interior the typical Japandi look.

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