Decorating your holiday home

Published On: 3rd May 2021

Whether you have a holiday home somewhere closeby or you own a little hideaway abroad, a holiday home is the ultimate place to unwind. When decorating a holiday home it’s important to first consider who exactly will be using the property. Then it’s time to let your creativity run free and let yourself be inspired by the surroundings of the house. Just make sure you don’t forget the outdoor space and provide enough storage space in the house!

Saint Germain Oatmeal vitrage op Ibiza

Saint Germain Oyster inbetween curtains on Ibiza.

Who is it for?

When you start to decorate your second home, the first thing to consider is who it is for. Is it only for personal use or do you also want to rent out the property? If so, think about who might be interested in renting your place. A family with young children might have very different needs than a young couple on a weekend getaway. If your vacation home is most suitable for families, make sure to choose furniture that is easy to clean and safe for small children.

When you rent out your property, the furniture will probably be used quite intensively so it’s important to choose durable materials. Leather, wood, linen and rattan are materials that are both contemporary and classic and will last you a long time.


A beautiful ceiling inspired by nature. See more on this project St Juan, Ibiza.

Let your surroundings inspire you

A holiday home is usually located in a beautiful area. Use these surroundings as inspiration for your decor! A home by the beach is perfect for adding some nautical influences such as wood, rope and colours like blue and white. In a rural home you may want to use natural elements such as wood and stone and a holiday home in the city lends itself well to industrial elements.

There’s nothing more relaxing than watching nature from the comfort of your couch, so try to incorporate the view into your home as much as possible. You can do this by creating a seating area by the window and choosing light linen curtains that let the light through.

Een knus patio met een vrijstaand bad

Don’t forget the garden or balcony

The garden or balcony of a vacation home is almost as important as the interior design of the property. Make sure the garden is easy to maintain and offers enough space to relax. Some blankets and a fire pit will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space even in winter.

Provide enough storage space

Because you’ll always arrive at your vacation home with a full suitcase, it’s important to make sure that your vacation home has enough space to store your belongings. Make sure you have a large closet in the bedroom, enough kitchen cabinets and a place in the bathroom to hang towels. A bookcase in the living room gives a homely feeling and gives you an opportunity to add a personal touch.