Decorating the nursery

When you’re about to have a baby there are hundreds of things to think about and choices you have to make. One of those things is how to decorate the nursery. To make things a little bit easier for you we have listed all the essentials for your perfect nursery.

Grove mauvekleurige linnen gordijnen in de kinderkamer - semi-transparant

The crib

The most important thing in your nursery is of course the crib. You can buy a new crib, but you can also opt for a vintage piece. When you buy a vintage crib it is important to check if it meets current safety requirements. For example, a rattan crib can have sharp pieces that can hurt the baby. You can solve this problem by covering the inside of the crib with linen. Because linen is gentle on the skin it’s also a great option for bedding in the crib. With our Oekotex-100 label you can be sure that none of our fabrics contain any harmful substances.

The changing table

You can opt for a changing table or you can put your changing pad on top of a cupboard. The second option is great because it creates extra storage space for your baby’s clothes.

The seating area

A comfortable chair is one of the most important things in a nursery, as you will spend quite some time here as a new mum. Make sure you have a comfortable chair and put an ottoman next to the chair so that you can stretch your legs when you’re feeding your baby. Don’t choose a white or other light coloured chair, opt for a darker colour instead.

Storage space

Make sure you have enough storage space in the nursery. Baskets and bins are ideal as you can store your toys in them at the end of the day without too much trouble.

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are essential for the nursery. When your baby sleeps during the day, it is important that the room is actually dark. This way your baby can sleep well during the day and you can have some much needed time for yourself!

Grove linnen gordijnen in de kinderkamer - semi-transparant