Decorating ideas for your balcony

Published On: 13th July 2021

A balcony might not be as lush as a garden, but anyone living in the city knows even the tiniest balcony is a luxury. It only takes a few small touches to turn your balcony into a small paradise that you can enjoy all summer long.

A vertical garden

A vertical garden gives you the opportunity to make optimal use of the space on your balcony. You can create a vertical balcony by placing multiple hanging pots on your wall, or you can buy a pre-made vertical garden system.

A vertical garden is ideal if you want to add more green on your balcony but you don’t necessarily have the space for a lot of plants. Just make sure you choose a wall that can hold the weight of your vertical garden and think about the location of your vertical garden (is it in the sun or in the shade?) when you choose your plants.

Een simpel balkon met kleurrijke planten


Lighting is essential for creating a cozy atmosphere in your home and it’s no different when it comes to your balcony! Lighting on your balcony creates a magical feel and lets you enjoy your balcony even after the sun goes down on a warm summer evening. String lights are the most popular choice when it comes to lighting on your balcony. Just make sure you can use your string lights outdoors!

A seating area

What’s a balcony without a comfortable place to sit? If you have the space you can go for regular garden furniture, but you can also DIY a little outdoor bench. When it comes to fabrics, make sure to go for fabrics that can handle a little rain.

Do you have a really small balcony? Opt for foldable furniture that you can easily put away. You can also just use a (waterproof) poof or a big pillow that you use inside and place it on your balcony whenever you want to relax there.


A balcony might not be a real garden, but that doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself with greenery. If you don’t have a lot of space you could create a vertical garden, or just place a few pots on your balcony with some statement plants.

Decorating ideas for your balcony


A lack of privacy is a problem many of us experience on our balconies. Luckily there are different ways to solve this. You can get a little bamboo screen at the hardware store or opt for plants that are high enough that they create a sense of privacy. Bamboo or grasses are great options for this. Another option is adding curtains to your balcony. This creates privacy and gives your balcony a romantic feel.

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