Choosing curtains for your bedroom

Decorating your bedroom can feel a little bit like an afterthought, but a well designed bedroom is crucial to your well-being. Your bedroom is a haven where you can relax, unwind and retreat after a hectic day and most importantly: a well designed bedroom actually means a better night’s sleep.

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Thick or thin curtains?

Of course curtains play an important role in the bedroom, as they largely determine the atmosphere of the space and the amount of light that enters your room. When you choose your curtains, one of the most important things to consider is how much light you want the curtains to let through. Some people sleep best in a completely darkened bedroom, while others like to be awakened by natural light. Linen curtains have a translucent quality and are therefore ideal if you enjoy being woken up with the rising of the sun. Linen curtains can also be lined, making them just as suitable for people who enjoy sleeping in complete darkness. If you really want a complete blackout effect, you can combine your curtains with roller blinds.n met een rolgordijn te combineren.

People who love to wake up with sunlight can also opt for in between the curtains. These curtains are somewhere between net curtains and normal curtain in thickness. The effect is