Groene vouwgordijnen in de slaapkamer

Bohemian Style

The bohemian design trend might have been around for a while, but it is a trend that never really goes out of style. A bohemian interior combines natural materials with bright colours and daring prints, inspired by the cultures you have encountered while traveling. Do you enjoy the bohemian trend, but are not sure how to apply it to your own home? In this blog, we will try and give you some inspiration.

Natural materials

The foundation of a bohemian interior is the use of natural materials, such as linen, wicker and wool. You can use these materials for larger items like curtains, upholstery and rugs, but you can also add some natural accessories like a woolen throw, linen pillows or wicker pots for your plants.

Colorful details

With this natural base, you can start adding colourful details to your space. Pinks, reds, teals and ochre are all colors that really give your room a bohemian feel. You can opt for colourful curtains, or apply an accent color to one of your walls.


Prints are also an essential for the bohemian look. You can experiment with clashing prints on your pillows or you can invest in a traditional kilim. Don’t be scared to mix your prints! Mixing and matching prints will add depth to your interior and give everything an interesting, playful and warm feel.


A bohemian interior will never feel quite right without a few plants. Wicker plant pots or macrame plant hangers will really give your bohemian look a boost.

Vintage furniture

Opting for vintage furniture will really give your interior a personal touch, which is essential for this look. You can buy your furniture at a vintage store, but you could also get really creative and turn an old piece of furniture into something you really love with a little DIY.