Blue in your interior

If you are looking for a calming effect in your home, blue is your colour. The colour blue has a calming and relaxing effect and is even known to lower blood pressure. In a research called The World’s Favourite Colour Project, 26.000 people across 100 countries were asked about their associations with certain colours. Not only did blue come out as one of the favourite colours, it was also named as the most calming colour.


Which spaces in your home are most suited to blue?

The bedroom

Because of its calming properties, blue is an obvious choice for the bedroom. A muted blue can really enhance a good night’s sleep.

Rooms facing south

Blue is a cool colour, so it is important to note that it is best suited to rooms with a lot of natural light: so rooms that face south, south east or south west. This doesn’t just apply to darker blue colours but it is also true for lighter blues.

The office

Blue in the office is known to create a feeling of tranquility and safety, which makes people more inclined to take risks and express their creativity.

If you use too much blue in a room it can be a little overwhelming. This is especially true for dark blue and brighter shades of blue. An accent wall or blue curtains would be a perfect statement.


Photo credits: Soulful Stock Photos

How to combine blue with other colours

Blue combines well with many colours. White and blue is a classic combination and always looks fresh, whether you combine white with a darker or lighter shade of blue. It does tend to look a little nautical, so make sure this is something you are after.

Yellow and blue is also a classic combination, which really works in all shades if you make sure your shades match. So combine a light yellow with a light blue and a darker yellow with a darker blue.

Red, fuchsia and pink really pop when they are combined with blue and give a really dramatic effect.

Neutral colours such as beige and mauve combine beautifully with blue. Especially for a bedroom, this is a perfect and calming colour combination.