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Shopping for a sustainable interior

Shopping for a sustainable interior We all want to live more sustainably, but there are so many things that you can ‘do better’ that it can be hard to know where to start. In this blog we have listed our top tips for shopping sustainably for your interior. Minimalism We have talked about minimalism on our blog before and that’s for good reason. A minimalist interior is [...]

Decorating the nursery

Decorating the nursery When you’re about to have a baby there are hundreds of things to think about and choices you have to make. One of those things is how to decorate the nursery. To make things a little bit easier for you we have listed all the essentials for your perfect nursery. The crib The most important thing in your nursery is of course the [...]

Design trend: Japandi

Design trend: Japandi Scandinavia meets Japan in the new ‘Japandi’ interior trend. The word ‘Japandi’ is a combination of Japanese and ‘Scandi’ or Scandinavian style. Although Scandinavia and Japan are not exactly in close proximity to each other, their ideas on style and design go surprisingly well together. Scandinavian design and Japanese design both have a love for minimalism and genuine craftsmanship. The Japanese Wabi Sabi philosophy and [...]

Hotel room design ideas for your bedroom

Beautiful design, a freshly made bed and beautiful lighting: a luxurious hotel room is the ultimate place to relax. But how do you get the look of a hotel room in your own bedroom?

Hygge in your home

In previous blogs we talked about a range of interior styles and concepts: remember the minimalist interior, the ever popular bohemian style and the Japanese anti-trend Wabi Sabi? The concept that was very obviously missing from this list is of course the Danish concept of "Hygge".

Red in your interior

Red is a real eye-catcher and a bold colour to use in your home. The colour evokes a range emotions, from a sense of danger and urgency, to feelings of passion and energy.