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Read all about environmentally friendly and ecological fabrics on our blogs. You will also find events and tips about these materials. We believe that these natural fabrics are a perfect addition to your interior, home or office. Let us inspire you with our blogs about linen, other natural fabrics and fun events to visit. Bring more atmosphere into your home with linen!

Hotel room design ideas for your bedroom

Beautiful design, a freshly made bed and beautiful lighting: a luxurious hotel room is the ultimate place to relax. But how do you get the look of a hotel room in your own bedroom?

How to transition your kid’s room to a teen’s room

It’s one of those things that happens before you know it: your child is growing into a teenager and suddenly doesn't like their kid's room anymore. Although it might be a hard pill to swallow, let’s look at it on the bright side: it’s time for a makeover! In this blog, we’re listing everything you need to think about when transforming a children's room into a cool and comfortable teenager's [...]

A mindful interior

Mindfulness is something we have been increasingly concerned with in recent years. Mindfulness has also started to play a role in interior design. Read on quickly.

The 5 most common mistakes when decorating a room

It’s easy to make a mistake when you’re decorating a room. You buy a piece of furniture and you’re convinced that it’s a perfect fit for your interior. But when you take it home, something just doesn’t feel right. But what is it? We have listed the five most common mistakes when decorating a room so that you can create the perfect room with ease.

Decorating ideas for your balcony

A balcony might not be as lush as an actual garden, but anyone living in the city knows even the tiniest balcony is a total luxury. It only takes a few small touches to turn your balcony into a small urban paradise that you can enjoy all summer long. Continue reading…

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