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Read all about environmentally friendly and ecological fabrics on our blogs. You will also find events and tips about these materials. We believe that these natural fabrics are a perfect addition to your interior, home or office. Let us inspire you with our blogs about linen, other natural fabrics and fun events to visit. Bring more atmosphere into your home with linen!

White interior design

White is by far the most commonly used colour for the interior. And with the rise of minimalism as a design trend, the colour has only gained more popularity over the last few years.

Interior Design Trend: New Mediterranean

“If we can't go to the Mediterranean, we'll bring the Mediterranean into our homes” must have been the thought behind the latest interior design trend 'New Mediterranean'. Would you like to bring some Mediterranean flair to your home? In this blog we’ll tell you all about this sunny interior design trend. Colours Anyone who’s ever been to the Mediterranean probably won’t be surprised that the colour palette of [...]

A Wabi Sabi interior

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese philosophy with its origin in Zen-Buddhism. Wabi Sabi is almost impossible to translate and is a combination of two terms: Wabi represents simplicity, peace, acceptance of what is and being in touch with nature. Sabi is about the beauty that comes with the ageing process.

Decorating your holiday home

Whether you have a holiday home somewhere closeby or you own a little hideaway abroad, a holiday home is the ultimate place to unwind. When decorating a holiday home it’s important to first consider who exactly will be using the property. Then it’s time to let your creativity run free and let yourself be inspired by the surroundings of the house. Just make sure you don’t forget the outdoor space and provide enough storage space in the house!

Interior design style: Rustic

The rustic style is a classic interior design style that has made quite the comeback in recent years. This style is all about bringing the outdoors inside and bringing nature into your home through robust shapes and colours. Continue reading…

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