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A slow living interior

The slow living trend is not your average interior design trend. We live in a society where we are constantly tempted to buy more. Continue reading..

Slow living in winter

De winter is het seizoen om met aandacht eten te bereiden en uitgebreid te tafelen. In de zomer moet je er niet aan denken om lang in de keuken te staan, maar in de winter kun je de tijd nemen om wat meer uitgebreide gerechten te bereiden. Continue reading..

The value of traditions

December is a month of traditions. But what exactly are traditions and why do we find them so important? Traditions give meaning to our holidays. Continue reading..

Green in your interior

Green is one of the most calming colours in the colour spectrum. Green symbolises nature, tranquility and balance, it has a calming effect and can even have positive effects on people who are experiencing depression. Read on..

The interior design trends of 2020

October is the month of interior design, which means it’s time for another trend report. In this blog we will tell you all about the most interesting trends that we are expecting see in 2020. Read on..