An eco-friendly home

In our last blog we tried to give you some inspiration for shopping more sustainably. In this blog we’ll give you some ideas about making your home more eco-friendly. We often associate the shift to becoming more environmentally conscious with spending huge sums of money, which really doesn’t have to be the case. Most of the time, what’s good for the environment is eventually also good for your wallet!


When it comes to painting your walls, there are a number of things you can keep in mind. First of all, you can opt for eco-friendly paint which is biodegradable and made from natural ingredients. You can also be conscious about your colour choices, which you can do by choosing light colours on your walls instead of dark colours. Lighter colours reflect more light which helps to heat up your room.


Project: NH25 Loft.


If you want to improve the insulation of your room, carpet is by far your best option. Carpets are thermal insulators and can save you around 5% per year on energy bills. Not a fan of carpet? A rug is also a great option for insulation.


Curtains are extremely efficient in insulating a room. In cold weather, curtains keep your room warm and during a hot summer day, curtains keep the heat out. When it is cold outside it is important that you open your curtains and/or blinds during the day so the natural heat of the sun can warm up your room.


Eco lighting

LED lighting is by far the most sustainable form of lighting. An LED bulb might cost a bit more, but it lasts for years, so in the end it does pay off. Some people don’t opt for for LED lighting because of the white light it emits. Fortunately, there are also LED bulbs that emit a more yellow tinted light. An additional solution is to use lamp shades from natural materials. Felt, wooden and rattan lampshades create a much warmer light.