Scandinavians are known for their impeccable sense of style when it comes to interior design. A combination of natural materials, clean shapes and design classics create a perfect balance between a modern and a cozy interior.

They also are a source of inspiration when it comes to decorating and designing kids bedrooms. We’ve put together a small list of things you can do to make your kids room totally Scandi chic.

Neutral colours

The base of most Scandinavian kids rooms is white. White may seem like a boring colour for a kids room, but it gives you the space to experiment with different colours and shapes in the rest of the room.

With this blank canvas you can play around with different colour combinations. Black and white is a classic Scandinavian combination, but you definitely don’t have to avoid all colours. You can combine different pastel shades, or choose one or two more pronounced accent colours.

Prints are also a classic in a Scandinavian kids room. When it comes to prints you should avoid mixing and matching too many colours, but when you stick to a limited colour palette, don’t be afraid to play with different prints!

Birch wood

Birch wood is another Scandinavian classic. This light coloured wood provides a fresh look which doesn’t make the room look too full or ‘heavy’. A birch wooden house built around the bed is also quintessentially Scandinavian.

Warm materials

Warm, natural materials such as linen and wool are typical in Scandinavian interior design. Think of linen curtains, a nice rug on the floor and a pouffe or large cushions that your kids can play on.

Form and function

A Scandinavian kids room is not just about style. It is just as important that the room supports the child’s development. With smaller children you can think of toys that stimulate a child’s imagination (such as a dollhouse or cuddly toys) and for older children you can create a reading space or a craft corner where your child can draw and do crafts.

Twee meisjes spelend op de grond in een scandinvische kinderkamer
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