For many of us, mindfulness has become an important part of our lives. So it comes as no surprise that mindfulness has also started to affect the way we think about our interior design. We have become more aware of how we are constantly stimulated and distracted and we feel a growing need to turn our house into a space where we feel safe and at ease. Does a mindful interior necessarily mean a minimal interior? No. The essence of a mindful interior is an interior that makes your life a little easier, where you don’t feel overwhelmed by your possessions and where all your senses are stimulated in a subtle way.

Vase on a wooden bench and linen fabric.

Creating unity in your home

Try not think about all the rooms in your house separately, but look at your house as a whole. How do all the rooms work together? Do the rooms have a sense of unity in terms of atmosphere? By choosing the same colours or materials throughout your home, you create a sense of unity and calm.


Light is one of the most important things in your home. Daylight is good for us, so it is important to try and let in as much natural light as possible. Opened curtains can block light in your room. By choosing unlined linen curtain, natural light will be free to enter your house.

Long wooden table in the living room

Unity and peace match perfectly in this project Loft NH25.


In terms of colour it is important to take the psychological properties of colours into account. For example, you can opt for yellow in the kitchen because it increases appetite. For a sense of calm in your bedroom opt for neutral colours. In general, blue and green create a calm atmosphere.

A minimal amount of possessions

When you think of a mindful house, you probably think of a minimalist house. This definitely does not mean that you have to get rid of all of your stuff (except for your meditation cushion). For a mindful interior it is important that you are not overwhelmed by your possessions and that your house doesn’t feel “heavy”. You can do this by making sure that all items in your house have a purpose, either practically or aesthetically. It is also important that your things have a designated spot in your house. If there are too many things without a designated spot, your possessions will just make you restless.

Shapes and textures

With shapes and textures you can stimulate the senses in a subtle way. Soft and round corners and shapes feel nice and give your room a soft appearance. In terms of textures, natural fabrics such as linen, wool and satin are pleasant to the touch.

Rustige tinten in een industrieel ontwerp
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