A Christmas Table

With Christmas just around the corner, we have started to think about what we want to do with our Christmas table setting. The table is the center of the festivities at Christmas: We feast, we toast, we talk and laugh with each other at the table, so it makes sense to give it some special attention. We think the perfect Christmas table setting starts off with an eye catching centerpiece. Here are a few ideas for an original centerpiece.

Bottle candlesticks

Sustainable and beautiful! Start collecting some transparent (wine) bottles in the weeks before Christmas. You can use them to make beautiful and unique candlesticks. This is how:

Soak the labels on the bottles by putting them in some hot water with a drop of washing up liquid. On the day itself, fill the bottles with water and put in twigs of eucalyptus or pine. Stick your candle in the bottle and you’re done!

Kersttafel met kandelaars


String lights in the center of your table look nice and create a cozy and romantic effect. Make sure you use a battery powered light cord and choose string lights with a silver cord instead of the old-fashioned green ones. You can simply lay down the string lights, or weave them through some pine branches. Another option is to place the string lights in beautiful vintage jars and bottles and place them on the table.

Kerstverlichting op tafel


For a warm and cozy feel, it’s always a good idea to bring a piece of nature inside. Holly branches and pine branches placed in the middle of the table give a beautiful effect. For a more minimalistic look you could opt for Eucalyptus. An additional advantage: your Christmas table won’t just look nice, it will also smell delicious!