Now that it’s officially winter and temperatures are dropping, it’s tempting to turn the heating up a notch. But with rising energy prices, your energy bill might skyrocket, which is far from ideal. Good thing there are some small stylish tricks that you can apply to make sure your home stays warm this winter! In this blog, we tell you how to do just that.

Layer up!

Just like you layer up when it’s cold, you can also layer up your sofa. Sheepskins are great insulators, so these are great to put on your sofa to keep your back nice and warm. You can also put one or more blankets on your sofa to stay warm. If this is too messy for you, you can place a big basket next to your sofa where you put away your blankets when you’re not using them.

Heavy curtains

Did you know that up to 30% of the heat in your home gets lost through the windows? A good solution to this problem is to opt for heavy curtains. You can choose a heavy quality linen such as Kensington or Manhattan, or you can have your curtains lined.

Also think about the length of the curtains if you want to keep the heat in your home. If your radiator is located below the window, it is best to opt for curtains that do not reach down to the ground, so the heat from the radiator doesn’t get trapped behind the curtain.

Choose a rug

A rug is not only nice and toasty on your feet, but it also reduces the amount of heat that gets lost through the floor. Especially old wooden floors are often full of gaps, which causes a lot of heat to disappear. It’s possible to fill these gaps, but a simple and stylish alternative is to place a nice big rug on your floor.

A floating shelf

Of course you want the heat from your radiator to circulate at the right height in the room. You can achieve this by placing a floating shelf around eye level above your radiator. This makes sure that the warm air doesn’t rise all the way to the ceiling, but circulates just underneath the level of the shelf. Just make sure you don’t put anything on the shelf that can’t handle the heat, like your precious plants!

Move your sofa

A sofa placed right in front of the radiator prevents the warm air from circulating in the room. To make the most of the heat that is produced, move the sofa a little further away from the radiator.

Open your curtains

Open your curtains as wide as possible when the sun comes out! Chances are your radiator will turn off and you can make use of the sun’s free energy. On the other hand, close the curtains as soon as the sun goes down. This makes sure that the heat stays in the room.

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