Linen is one of the most popular fabrics when it comes to curtains. But what are the benefits of linen curtains besides their aesthetic appeal and their timeless beauty? In this blog, we’ll list six benefits of linen curtains that you maybe didn’t know yet.

Vitrage van natuurlijk linnen

1. Linen curtains are 100% natural

If you’re all about making sustainable choices in your interior, linen curtains are perfect for you. Almost nothing is wasted in the linen production process, and the flax plant (from which linen is made) doesn’t need much water and no chemicals to grow!

2. Child proof

Linen is a very strong fabric due to its natural fibres, which are three times stronger than cotton. The fabric does not pill, hardly wears and is not easy to tear, which makes linen curtains very suitable for a children’s room.

Are you looking for lightweight curtains for your kid’s room? We recommend our Manhattan and Provence fabrics. Our unlined Munich is perfect if you want to go for a slightly tougher look.

3. Linen curtains are moisture wicking

Linen is antibacterial, which means the fabric can withstand moisture and can even be used outdoors. We recommend our Atlantis for outdoor use.

4. Linen suits every home decor style

Although you might associate linen with natural home decor, it really fits into any interior design style. Our natural colours work well in minimalist or Japandi interiors, while our coloured curtains look amazing in more outspoken and colourful interiors.

The different treatments and weaves of our fabrics ensure that all our qualities have a unique look. Would you like to know which fabrics are best for your interior? Book an appointment with one of our experts for advice on which fabric would best suit your interior and your living preferences.

5. Dirt and dust repellent

Linen doesn’t attract dirt and dust, it actually repels it. Very convenient when it comes to curtains! To make sure that dust doesn’t collect on your curtains, you can carefully vacuum them every now and then.

6. They’re extremely versatile!

Although you can choose between lighter and heavier curtains, it’s also possible to line your linen curtains. You can also easily combine linen curtains with other window coverings such as roman blinds, roller blinds and inbetweens.

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