A kid’s room is one of the most fun rooms in the house to decorate. Whether you’re decorating a nursery or updating one of your kid’s rooms, it’s a room that allows you to get creative! There are a few definite trends that we’re seeing and expecting to see a lot of this year. You can read all about them in this blog.

Playful and calm

We’ve been seeing a lot of neutral and earthy tones in kid’s rooms the last few years and this is a trend that’s still going strong. The only difference we’re seeing this year is that we’re now combining them with unexpected colours and prints. These neutral tones pair unexpectedly well with bright colours like cobalt blue, lilac and orange and they give a neutral kid’s room the playfulness that it needs.

Black and white prints also pop wonderfully against a neutral background. When you use these bright colours and prints as playful accents in a neutral room you’ll be able to create a calming space, while you’re also adding in some fun and playfulness.

Look up!

Whimsical and cute: a kid’s room decorated with anything that you can see in the sky! From clouds and rainbows to planets and stars, the sky and space are a clear trend for children’s rooms. You can go either way with this trend: from a moody dark room with starry wallpaper to a bright room with colourful rainbow accents.

Natural materials

Natural materials have been a favourite in interior design for a while, and we’re starting to see them more and more in kid’s rooms. Fabrics like linen and hemp and materials like wood and rattan immediately give a room a warm and cosy feeling. Linen curtains are ideal for any kid’s room or nursery. Are you considering linen curtains for your kid’s room or nursery? Get in touch! We’re happy to help you with any questions you might have. You can either visit our showroom or we can help you online!

Rattan is by far the biggest trend when it comes to natural materials. You can use rattan accessories, but you can also opt for rattan furniture, such as a bed, nightstand or a dresser. Rattan combines beautifully with neutral colours and earth tones and is a great match for brighter colours as it provides a soft accent.


Jungle themed kid’s rooms have been a huge trend for a few years now and we’ve especially seen a lot of wallpapers with jungle print. This year we’re still seeing the animal trend, but it now includes other animals like sea creatures, birds or forest animals. Kids love animals in their rooms, so we’re expecting to see this trend for some time to come.


Floral wallpaper might seem old fashioned, but these days floral prints are anything but boring. From large to small floral prints, flowers add warmth and playfulness to a room without making the room feel too fussy. If you opt for floral wallpaper, it is advisable not to cover more than one wall or it might get a bit overwhelming.

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