It’s quite the challenge for many of us to suddenly have to work from home. When you work from home it can be difficult to keep a healthy work-life balance. Especially when you also have kids running around and no designated work area! To give yourself a little more structure, it is a good idea to try to create an actual home office. This makes working from home a lot easier and enjoyable.


Project: NH25 Loft.


The first challenge is of course to decide on an area in your home where you can create a little workstation. We don’t all have the luxury of an actual home office, so you might have to get a little creative. Maybe you have an empty space underneath your stairs? Or maybe you have a tiny alcove besides you fireplace where you can place or create a small desk. Try to create an area that is just for work. This way, you can close your laptop at the end of the day and really transition from your working day to a relaxing evening.


Light is one of the most important things in your home office. So, if possible, choose an area that gets a good dose of natural light. To avoid screen glare, close your blinds or inbetween curtains. Also place a desk lamp on your desk for gloomy days and the occasional evening where you might have to work late.


Project: CastleStones.


If you want to give our new working area some colour, think about the psychological effects of colours. Do you want to feel calm while you’re working? Go for colours like blue or green. Do you want to be energised? Choose an uplifting colour like red or yellow. The colour purple is a great option when you want to stimulate your creativity.

Personal touches

It is important that your working area is a place where you actually feel comfortable. Make sure your desk is well organised, but don’t be scared to add some personal touches. What inspires you? Maybe you can hang some art above your desk, or maybe you want to place some plants on or around your desk. Try to make your working a space you actually enjoy being in.

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