4 tips for a perfect summer table

There’s nothing that screams summer like an alfresco dinner in your garden. A long summer night with nibbles and drinks: we just love it. When you have guests over for dinner it is always nice to pay a bit more attention to you table setting. It doesn’t have to be complicated: a few little adjustments can create a big effect.

Setting the table with linen

In our last blog, we told you why linen is the perfect fabric for summer. We also love to incorporate linen in our table setting. In this blog we will tell you how we use linen for a perfectly chic summer table:

Lange gedekte zomertafel
Zomertafel met eten

1. Pick a colour scheme

The first thing to do when setting your table is to decide on a colour scheme. Do you want to go for a natural look? Opt for white, beige and taupe. If you want to go for a more bohemian look you can take inspiration from the bright colours in your garden like green, yellow, blue and violet. It is easiest to set your table by using one base colour and then add one or more accent colours. You can create a fresh look with a white linen tablecloth and brightly coloured napkins, cups and tableware.

2. Flowers from your own garden

For the ultimate summer table you can pick flowers from your own garden and place them on your table. For a playful effect you can place several small bottles on your table and place one flower in each bottle, or you can place one big bouquet in the center of your table and place your vase in a wrinkled paper bag.

Linnen tafel aankleding bloemen

3. Natural materials

Organic materials are perfect for summer table. Linen is a natural fabric, which is perfect for a summertable. Other natural materials could be linen napkins, wicker coasters and beautiful earthenware and glassware.

Bestek en linnen servet

4. Make it comfortable

Outside seating can be quite uncomfortable. You can dress up your chairs and benches with a few linen pillows for a beautiful look and more comfort. Linen is pleasant to the touch and is dirt repelling, which is perfect for your outside seats.

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